Uniting Kids is a website for you
and all children around the world

Uniting Kids is a family of kids from all
around the world that support each other
through hard times and share in the good
times in each others lives. We would love
for you to join our family too!

You can come here whenever you are feeling unhappy, hurt
or alone, or if you are going through hard times, and we will
support you. You will always be loved and accepted. We want
you to know that you are never alone and you always have
friends who are here for you whenever you need us.

Uniting Kids is also about making new friends
and having fun! You can share positive stories
and your creative talents. You can talk to
kids from countries all over the world on
the message board. And you can learn
some great ways to be happier!

Here are some of the things you will find
on the Uniting kids website:

Inspiring stories from kids telling how
they have overcome problems in their life

Creative Projects from kids around the world

A Message Board where you will
find support and make new friends

Support and information to help you
if you are feeling sad, hurt or alone

Ideas to help and support you
in facing your challenges

Things you can do to make your
life more positive and happy

How to make and use your
very own Feelings Chart

You can use the Uniting Kids Favourites to
easily find your favourite topics.

Click on Uniting Kids Favourites below to load the page
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We would love for you to become a part
of our family. You will receive free
newsletters full of stories and helpful ideas
and also go into a draw to win an awesome
Uniting Kids Pack which includes the latest
book released in the "Children's Life Series".

I am writing a series of books on different
problems called the "Children's Life Series".
These books will help you to
problems and challenges in your life with
confidence, wisdom and courage.

The books will teach you different ways you
can deal with situations that may come up in
your life. Things like bullying, getting lost,
moving, your parents separating, having
accidents, peer pressure, getting a new baby
brother or sister, and the many other things
that happen that cause you to feel scared,
alone or unhappy.

Book One "Sarah Meets A Bully" can help you if you
are having trouble with being bullied by other kids.

You can learn more about these books by
going to
the Bec Furraway website at


I hope that Uniting Kids can
support you, and bring new
friends and more happiness
into your life.

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